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1977 Sportster Custom

Custom oil reserve, hand welded












They said it couldn’t be done. Well, it can be done.








My life has been a walk through a labyrinth. At the age of 2 years old, I was the only one that could adjust the lines on our old black and white T.V. My parents were astonished. My teachers always were a bore to me because I was one step ahead of them. So, to amuse myself. I’d often make trouble. LOL I studied leather craft for fun. After finishing High School, my Uncle Mike, an Auto painter taught me auto painting. I took classes in photography in several colleges,then I thought maybe I should study business. Mean while I need a Porsche (something to drive). That’s when I rebuilt a transmission, motor and did a lot of detail work on it. Boy,did I feel cool driving that on a date. Ha, I got a B.S. Degree from Gallaudet University. I bought a banded up kawasaki motorcycle from a friend at college. He didn’t realize what I could do with that bike. I rode it all over the country. What a thrill. After graduation I got a job in sports store downtown San Francisco. I quickly become a ski and snowboarding technician and manager. One day a friend showed me the classified ads for a position at a Harley Davidson dealership. They saw my gift as a mechanic and I climbed to the top. I went to night school to master welding. I decided to get my certification at MMI (Motorcycle Mechanic Institue),Arizona because certifications open doors. I got a job at a Private Harley shop in Mesa,Az. Nope, It is not for me. The boss said just fix what the customer wants. That bothered my conscience. I knew there would be other problems the customer could not foresee. I decided to set up my own small shop.
Every job is a challenge that lights up my heart and seeing a smile on a customer face makes my day. I love building choppers and using my artistic talents. The other day I pulled up to a restaurant and, low and behold, a manger of a Harley Davidson saw me sitting on my old school RockaBilly chopper. He gave me his business card and offered me a job; but you know what? I would rather work for you! By the way, I was born deaf but not a hurtle has ever stopped me.

My Background is working on Harley’s models as old as 1940 to the present: also- Panhead, Shovelhead,Kunclehead,Evo,Buell and Twincams.

I love skateboarding, snowboarding and Streetluge. I am fascinated with science, physics and engineering.

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